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Old Farmer's 1877 Almanac

Here's some advice unearthed from the Old Farmer's 1877 Almanac archives: How to Make Your Husband Happy Never speak slightingly of or to your husband in the presence of other people. Do not neglect neatness of person and surroundings. Speak gently always, and do not allow your voice to become sharp and loud. How to Make Your Wife Happy Treat your wife as politely and kindly as when you were wooing her. Do not speak lightly of her cares and fatigues, but sympathize with her troubles. Share your pleasures and cares, and show that you value her society and advice. "For a happy marriage, never speak loudly to one another unless the house is on fire."

How To Color Fire

Fires are good for a romantic setting. I think they should make a "campfire" perfume. Did you know that you can control the color of the flames in the fire? Most colors of the spectrum can be made by following the instructions at: How To Color Fire - Fun Fireplace Instructions