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Beat the heat with a free squishee or slurpee for the Simpsons-impaired

Simpsons-inspired Products : "In Springfield, Squishee is available in many flavors including blue, red, lime, green, chutney, and champagne. For the month of July only, Squishee is available in Blue Woo Hoo! Vanilla – be sure to get there before Apu decides to try chutney flavor again. In special honor of the 80th Birthday of 7-Eleven, stop by for a complimentary 7.11 oz. sample – sort of our birthday gift to you!"

How to Do an Indian Head Massage - wikiHow

I think my sweetie would love this. Check out the step by step instructions. How to Do an Indian Head Massage - wikiHow : "Massages can be given to aid the process of injury healing, relieve psychological stress, manage pain and improve circulation. The effectiveness of Indian head massage, also known as Champissage (champi is an Indian word for head), is based on alternative medicine principles, specifically those surrounding energy flow, or chakras. It's an ancient technique that Ayurvedic healers have been using for thousands of years, and it's becoming more and more popular in the Western world. Why not add it to your repertoire of talents?"