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Sweet Deal: Free Doughnuts

June 1, 2007 is National Doughnut Day according to Krispy Kreme . In honor of this great occassion, they are giving out free doughnuts at participiating locations. Check with a location near you to see if they are participating.

Date Idea: Air Hockey

Airhockey Originally uploaded by はたけカカシ_photography . The best dates are often the "active" kind. The kind of date where you get out and do something. If it is something you rarely do, even better. Get out, laugh, be active and have a good time. Need an idea? How about air hockey? It is fun and inexpensive. What if you don't have an air hockey table? No problem. They can be found in lots of places. A local Walmart has one. Maybe a bowling alley or a video arcade.


Love* shapes... Originally uploaded by MR+G . Every other day my youngest and I go out and weed the yard. There are 5 flower beds and the garden. We are also training the raspberries to grow straight so we check them to see if they need to be tied up. If we are lucky we catch the little snake that lives in the yard and play with it for a few minutes. Weeding is a chore I used to hate. I would put it off and it would be an all day job or it just wouldn't get done. The kids dreaded it as well. It just seemed impossible to keep up on all the weeding that needed to be done. What changed? We re-did one of our flowerbeds that was completely overrun. It ended up looking so nice, but then the weeds started coming back. Stupid weeds. We pulled the little weeds and the flowers looked so nice and so happy. Thing was, it took so much less time when the weeds are small than when they get bigger and have a chance to get intertwined with the flowers. Pulling the weeds consist