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Ban on Technology in the Bedroom

The Need for Protecting Your iPad Daniel Craig is quoted over at The Telegraph as saying "There’s nothing technological allowed in the bedroom.  ... Fighting against technological devices taking over one’s life “is a good fight to have, as far as I’m concerned,” A good, strong, happy marriage is all about communication.  Ironically, the very devices we use for communication with people all around the world are at the same time roadblocks to face to face communication.  Really listening requires giving full attention to the conversation.  It is difficult to have a meaningful conversation fighting the headphones or video display.  Go beyond just talking it is vital to hear not just what is being said but how it is being said; the subtle inflection of the voice and the ever important body language are easy to miss with distractions.  For many couples the bedroom is where they have the privacy and the time to have the important conversations.  Make the bedroom a refu