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Father's Day Gift Idea: Swiss Army Knife and Watch

Father's Day is fast approaching. For some reason it does not receive the attention of Mother's Day. Even so, it is important to honor our fathers and grandfathers. Here's the problem, what to get for dad? Mother's Day is easier: a card, flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. But fathers are harder to buy for. My sweetie asked me today what I wanted and I seriously couldn't think of anything. I have everything I need and most everything I want. I am so hard to buy for. Well, if you want to get some different ideas for dad, try The Swiss Army Knife store. They have lots of stuff for dads, even if knifes are not his thing. BTW: This is not a hint, I have a knife. I'll think of something.

Keep In Touch

[ Keep in Touch ] Originally uploaded by UAE-inspirer . Consider the wonder of human skin. It conceals our gross looking inwards in a rather attractive covering. When exposed to the sunlight, it produces Vitamin D. Skin also protects the body from damage and disease. It helps to cool the body when hot and warm the body when cold. Another important feature of skin is its ability to communicate: the cheeks flush red when a person is embarassed or excited, pales with ilness or fear, green with sea-sickeness. More to the point, the skin contains lots of nerve receptors. There are many different kinds of receptors. There are receptors for detecting mechanical stimulation, pain, heat, and location. Just as the types of nerve receptors varies, so does their density in the skin. Certain parts of the skin are more sensitive than others due to a higher number of nerve receptors per square inch. Of special note is that the hands and lips have a higher concentration of pleasure


Google Heart is a strange page that includes a bouncing heart, ways to say I Lov You in several languages and a search for greeting cards. Google love you.

Clean Romantic Humor

Believe it or not, this is the one subject that I have the hardest time finding humor on, even though I have a clean humor page and a romantic tips for married couples page. Most relationship humor is demeaning to either men or women or its just not fit for mixed company. Below are a few links you might find appropriate: This one is a personal story of how the best laid plans go astray. Not really a joke, but where to look for jokes. Some one - liners A cute story Not romantic, but might be appropriate Parent Job Description A wedding gift Silly riddles Senior Breakfast Why brides wear white Antiques dealer

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day, like I've said before , is a great time to honor those special women in our lives: mothers, grandmothers and sweethearts. As is customary, we give gifts to these women. My sweetie helped pick hers out, so she knows what she is getting. Her mother is getting a nice gift I think she will really like. Grandma is getting tomatoes, which she really enjoys. For my mom, still pondering that one. If you are stuck, I've included links to some links to Mother's Day gifts below. Mother's Day is Sunday. Get flowers from 10% OFF Mother's Day Orders at - Enter Code MDAY2006 -Ends 051406


Chivalry Originally uploaded by MontanaRaven . Blessed is the person who sees the need, recognizes the responsibility, and actively becomes the answer. --- William A. Ward Part of the power of marriage is the ability to help each other. As the years progress, we recognize the weaknesses, pressures, stresses and blindspots in our sweethearts. Once you see the need, seek to become the answer. Simple example: Your sweetie is busy with dishes, helping with homework, and trying to get ready for a meeting. Step up and take one of the burdens, like doing the dishes, onto yourself. This does not mean to take over everything your sweetie tries to do. But when your sweetheart needs help, step up and be there.