Monday, September 11, 2006

The day the world changed

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There have been so many programs remembering and honoring the people who lost their lives and the families they left behind. The World Trade Center disaster affected so many lives, both directly and inderectly. Even those of us who had no direct relation to anyone invloved felt the economic consequences.

This morning I didn't even kiss my wife goodbye. I got up late then the toilet backed up.

I love you sweetie.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reader Poll: Most Romantic Film Ever

Here is a simple readers poll. To participate, post your comments in the comments. Simple, no? I'll recap the results in a later posting.

Today's poll question: What is the most romantic film ever?

A romantic film has to appeal to both husband and wife. No chick-flick or Rambo movies. Well, unless your hubby likes chick-flicks. I don't.

Also, it needs to be PG or better. No R, X, M, NC-17, or "not-rated because the rating board couldn't stand to watch" films. This is a family site and will remain so.

Ok, here are my candidates:
* Princess Bride
* Casablanca
* Legend of Zorro.

I think "Princess Bride" wins. It has everything, even kissing, but only at the end.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Date Idea: Chocolate Factory Tours

For a fun, inexpensive date, try a tour of a chocolate factory. We have one close and it sounds like lots of fun. From their web page:

Chocolate Factory Tours: "The tour includes viewing areas of the candy kitchen and boxing areas. Also an up-close look of how our hand-dipped chocolates are made. Video presentations of How Chocolate is made and the History of Mrs. Cavanaughs Candies are viewed in the theatre room. There are also plenty of delicious samples and treats throughout the tour."

Spend an hour enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of chocolate. Free samples to boot.

Of course, the kids would love to join you for this one.