Physical Evidence

"Talk is cheap" or so it has been said. In the area of romance, cheap
may be cheap, but it is also necessary. We all need to hear that we
are loved and appreciated. And a sincere expression of gratitude is
never wrong. However, hearing is just one of the senses. If you can
involve the other senses in the expressions of love and gratitude it
will be that much more effective and memorable.

The tip for today is to leave a short note of love and gratitude to be
found at a later time, preferably when you are not around. Write the
note on something other than just white paper. If possible, include
some small treat. This small act will involve 4 of the 5 senses: the
writing and the paper for the eyes, the feel of the paper and the act
of unfolding the note for the sense of touch, the treat for both the
taste and smell. When several of the senses are included, the message
seems more "real". That is, it seems more sincere and it is therefore
more enjoyable and memorable.


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