Loveland Valentine Program

Each year since 1946, the city of Loveland, Colorado sets up a Valentine re-mailer. From their web-site:

To have your valentines re-mailed, enclose your pre-stamped, pre-addressed Valentines with return address in a large 1st class envelope to:

Attn: Valentines
Loveland, CO 80538-9998

What is a re-mailer? A re-mailer for snail-mail is the equivalent of a mail forwarder for e-mail. You get your valentines card, fill it out, put it in an envelope, address and stamp it. Put do not mail it yet. Now get a larger envelope, address it to the address above with your return address. Put a stamp on it and put your valentine in this envelope. Seal it and send it to Loveland, Colorado.

When they get it, they will
lovingly hand-stamp a special cachet with message of love from Loveland on each valentine card received.
They will then send your valentine to your sweetie.

Have each of the kids send a valentine to your sweetie this way or send your kids a valentine. Everyone loves to get valentines in the mail.


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