Date Idea: Geocaching

If you have a GPS a fun date or family activity can be geocaching. Never heard of geocaching? Think of it as a giant treasure hunt. People have "hidden" various objects all over and registered their coordinates on a wed-site like You go to the web-site, put in your zip-code and get a list of objects hidden in and around your city. Each has the coordinates to find it using a GPS as well as a description like:

Placed in a park stip in West Bountiful. Weary travelers rejoice!
This small tupperware is in camo to hide it well. Shouldn't be too hard to find otherwise. While you'r around, stop in next door and grab a burger and some cheese curds at the A&W. Happy Hour is 3-5pm when drinks are half price. Or if you advnture down the road there's a great taco stand.

Your task is to find the treasure from the clues provided. Be sure and leave the treasure at the spot for the next person to find.


Anonymous said…
Hey, where on earth did you find that website? it is so cool. I went there thinking that there was no way I would find my tiny little town on it. Guessed wrong!!! There it is !!! And someone his someting just a couple of blocks from our house!!! Guess what we're doing for family home evening, lololol. Thanks so much, matt. Gina B.

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