Father's Day Breakfast

My sweetie and I don't see much of each other in the mornings. On the
weekdays she gets up and goes for a walk. By the time she gets back,
I have already left for work. To top it off, neither of us are
morning people so even if we do see each other first thing in the
morning, its not all that romantic. Just a grunt good morning.
Although she would like to make my breaks fast, it just isn't possible
and I am perfectly capable of feeding myself.

Sundays are even worse. My responsibilities at church require me to
be there by 6:30 am, while my wife doesn't even need to get up until I
have been gone for a couple of hours. I do not begrudge her this
extra sleep as she gets to wrangle the kids and get them ready for
church. She deserves some extra rest. Again, I end up getting my own

On Father's Day my wife made me a very special breakfast. The food
itself was standard breakfast fare. What made it special is that she
got up at 5:45 am to get it ready for me. This was a big sacrifice
on her part and it meant a lot to me.


Anonymous said…
that is soooo sweet!!!

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