Eating Together Regularly

Our lives our busy. Work, chores, homework and errands all work to minimize the amount of time we have to ourselves. Sometimes it is just a chore find time to eat, let alone do it together on regular schedule.

Now think back to the time you spent courting your sweetheart. How many of your dates revolved around food and eating? Dinner and a movie, picnic in the park, or a shared ice cream sundae. One of the turning points in our courtship is when I cooked for my sweetie and future wife for the first time. I worked hard to set an elegant mood and prepared the best meal I could. My sweetheart really appreciated it and it was a wonderful meal together.

Eating together seems to be an important aspect of human relationships. Even at work we "do lunch" when we want to spent time together. How much more important with the love your life?

Work hard to schedule evening meals together as a couple. Might be a good idea to turn off the TV so you can talk as a couple or as a family. Then, for a special treat, take time to have lunch together. Its one of the most romantic things you can do. I'll elaborate another day.


Anonymous said…
We aren't married but close enough with the legally binding part. I really do wish we ate more at the table instead of in front of the tv. I now have a laptop so while eating dinner I not only watch tv but blog as well. My poor man.
Anonymous said…
Eating togther seems like a treat. I have a two hour commute by the time I get homme the wife and kid have finished their dinner.

But it is good when it happens.

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