Notice the little things

Photo by Ahamed Aqmal
I came across this photo today and found it an interesting metaphor for marriage. Perhaps nothing is more common place than loose change. I see it everyday and don't give it much thought. Sometimes I drop a nickel or dime and don't even bother to retrieve it.

Yet this picture makes loose change look like something special. The lighting and the sharp focus highlight something that is often overlooked. It reminds me of my little kids who think nickels and dimes are wonderful and treasure each one.

After years of marriage, its easy to overlook the little treasures in your relationship. Both the husband and the wife do many little things everyday. Often these little chores, little acts of kindness and little expressions of love go overlooked and under-appreciated.

Today stop to consider the importance of the treasure you have and pay your sweetie a compliment. Observer something that had previously gone overlooked. Find something your sweetie does then truly and sincerely thank them for it.


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