Living under the Time Pressure

At work I have a calendar on the computer that keeps my schedule and lets eveyone else know if I am in meetings or otherwise not available. This allows me to plan my time and also manage the expectations of others. People know I won't be at my desk if my calendar says I'm in a meeting. It also keeps people from double booking meetings. My time at work is very precious and needs to be managed accordingly.

One thing I do is schedule an hour a day for excersise. This simple act ensures that no meeting is schedule at that time. The computer even reminds me when its time to go workout.

Isn't your time with your family no less important than your time at work? Find ways to schedule your personal life the same way you schedule your work life. When all is said and done, your relationship with your sweetie is far more important than your work or career. If need be, I will put an "appointment" with my sweetheart into my calendar at work, just to make sure that nothing conflicts with that important appointment.


Chandira said…
Where did she find you? You're a keeper!! Wow.. WIsh My husband would schedule me in!! SO many many interruptions..


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