Sexy Red Or Forever Young: Which Rose Will You Buy For Your Valentine?

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Believe it or not, Valentine's Day-the most romantic day of the year-grew out of the imprisonment of a priest in the days of emperor Claudius II. Though it had a rather ominous start, today Valentine's Day is a day when we give gifts of flowers and candy to our loved ones to remind them of how much they mean to us.

In the year 270 A.D., Roman emperor Claudius II banned marriage believing that the men of his country would be more likely to join his army if they were unmarried, rather than married men who would be leaving wives and children behind. But, Valentine, a priest in Rome, fervently disagreed with the decree. He continued to perform secret ceremonies to join couples in matrimony. His defiance cost him his life.

When the emperor discovered that Valentine was disobeying his law, he ordered Valentine to be imprisoned and sentenced to death. But, during his imprisonment, Valentine was befriended by a prison guard's daughter. In gratitude for her friendship, Valentine wrote her a note shortly before his execution and signed it, "From Your Valentine."

Ironically, Valentine was executed on February 14th, an ancient Roman holiday honoring Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. February 15th began the Fest of Lupercalia, a celebration of fertility. On the eve of the festival, a young man would draw a slip of paper from a jar. On the paper was the name of the young woman with whom he would be paired for the festival. Often these pairings led to marriage.

Today, florists begin gearing up for Valentine's Day weeks in advance. Many track their sales from years to years to determine what their customers are buying to ensure they have the right amount and kinds of flowers on hand.

Florists like Patrick Anex, of Washington Floral Service in Tacoma, Washington, even send their customers a reminder note indicating what they purchased last Valentine's Day so that they can pre-book their orders. In fact, his reminders are so successful that 85 percent of his Valentine's Day 2007 orders were pre-booked a month in advance.

Wholesalers who fill the orders placed by florists indicate roses are definitely among their biggest sellers for Valentine's Day. The top rose varieties are:

  • Charlotte.
  • Freedom.
  • Forever Young.
  • Sexy Red.
  • Cherry Love.

To be certain your florist is able to fulfill all your Valentine's Day flower needs, be sure to place your order early. Your florist will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect flowers all your special Valentines.

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