Carry a little honey

Originally uploaded by chrissie2003
Carry a little honey as you go along life's way,
Bring a touch of sunshine into someone's life today.
There's good you can do for someone if you will stay alert,
Someone who may be discouraged, despondent or hurt.
It doesn't take a millionaire to bring somebody cheer,
Sometimes a friendly smile can take away a tear.
Show someone you love them, pat them on the back,
You'll find that it is easy once you get the knack.
Tell your friends you love them, let your appreciation show,
Your kind words may lift them more than you can ever know.
Let your family know they're special to you every day,
Show them kindness and affection in all you do or say.
Take time to thank others for the good things they do,
It will uplift them and also lift you.
It won't take much time and it won't cost much money,
Your life will be better if you carry a little honey.


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