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As a married couple we spend a lot of time apart. My wife and I really only see each other after work and then it is a lot of running around. There isn't much time left for romance. Here is an idea of how to have a romantic moment even when you are not in the same location.

Send an eCard. An eCard is an email you send that has an electronic greeting card. They are often animated and have music to go along with the message. You pick the card you want, the email address of the recipient and then enter a personal message. These are fun for all sorts of occasions or just because to say "Thinking of you".

Here is a sample card I sent from the Hallmark website.
There are lots of free ones as well as premium ones. Some of them even let you add your own photo to personalize the card even more.

Take a few moments and let your sweetheart know that even though you aren't not together at this moment, you are still thinking of them.


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