Valentine's Day gift ideas for 2008

Last year I posted a list of 10 Valentines day gift ideas that were out of the ordinary. This year, I want to continue the same theme.

My wife and I were talking about what to get each other for Valentine's Day. Flowers tend to be quite expensive and short lived. Chocolate, while yummy and enjoyable, goes contrary to our efforts to get into better shape. We also have enough knick-knacks and stuffed animals. What we want is either gifts that will not end up being just clutter. It might be a gift that is really used or a non-physical gift.

With that in mind and in no particular order some Valentine's Day gift ideas for both him and her.

  1. Regifting if you can sneak her wedding ring off her finger, why not re-propose. Let her know you would marry her all over again. Works for the wife to propose as well.
  2. Combined resources - rather than spending a bunch of money on trivial, romantic style gifts, combine the money you would have spent and buy something together that you will both enjoy. For us, it is going to be play tickets that we can use as a date.
  3. Lunch - It can be quite difficult to arrange dinner on Valentine's Day as most restaurants are packed in the evening. Arrange to have lunch together instead. This makes it easier to have some time alone if you have school age kids.
  4. Take the day off together - time is often more precious than money. Celebrate your love by spending a valuable day off work together.


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