Date Idea: Now Playing Utah

There have been several times that we have wondered what is going on but never really knew where to look. Now, at least for Utah, there is a site that lists many cultural events. From the website:

"Whether you’re a local looking to get out and play or a visitor looking for fun things to do during your stay, has just what you’re looking for, offering endless ideas of things to see and do throughout the state. Here you will find a comprehensive statewide calendar of events that allows you to search by date, location, category, venue, artist and more. Not only that, but also provides easy access to dates, times, maps and direct links for purchasing tickets."

If you know of similar sites for other areas of the country or the world, please add them in the comments.


Anonymous said…
Finding events and activities to participate in with your partner can be difficult, but finding other people to participate with you, can be almost impossible. My girlfriend and I are 25-years-old and most of our friends are single. We both moved to downtown Chicago and knew very few people; in a town of 5 Million, its tough to find friends to go places with. We love eating out and going to the theater and festivals Chicago has to offer, but we wanted to do it with other couples. For that reason, we created CoupleStop is a search program which matches like people for friendship and networking. Its perfect for people new to a city, new to a relationship or just looking for more frineds.
There is a similar group in the Salt Lake area called Generation-A. See their website:

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