Celebrating Your Sweetie as a Parent

The most important task most of us will ever perform is that of mother or father.  As a society, we understand better than ever to social implications if either father or mother is missing from the home.  Yet, that same society diminishes the importance of parenthood, making it seem secondary to other pursuits such as career or "personal fulfillment".  On top of that, being a parent is often a thankless duty.  Children are notoriously ungrateful. At least until they leave home and really realize what their parents both did and sacrificed on their behalf.

Yet most of us wouldn't trade parenthood for anything.  We love our children and the joy they bring into our lives.  The sacrifices are made without even thinking, just because our kids need something.  For example, now that school has started again almost all my free time is dedicated to helping my kids with homework.  I am now spending lots more time on homework than I ever spent while going to school.  Silly me, I thought when I graduated I would be done doing homework. 

Mother's Day and Father's Day are both long gone and a won't come around again fro a few months.  On Mother's Day you have to say nice things about your wife, because its expected.  Same with Father's Day.  The message of how much you appreciate and love your sweetheart is dulled by the duty of the day.   Everyone is forced to say those things so the sincerity is lost.  Also, there is no spontaneity. 

Now would be a good time to celebrate what a wonderful father or mother your sweetie is.  It will be completely unexpected and seem more sincere because no one is making you do it.    One of the best things you could do would be to right a letter of love and appreciation for what a great parent your sweetie is and present it to your sweetheart with some flowers or chocolates, both of which are cheaper this time of year.

Let your sweetie know that at least one person recognizes and appreciates all the work, worry and sacrifice that goes into being a parent.


Katrina said…
What a great idea! You're right--some of the times I feel mushiest towards my husband are when he's playing with the kids and I can see what a great dad he is. I will definitely tell him!

Love your blog, by the way--that romantic stuff takes thought and a constant desire to feed the other person's heart. I'm sure your wife appreciates it!

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