Opening the Door

The other day I talked about needing to do the simple courtesies liking holding doors opens.  Yesterday I surprised my sweetie by actually going around and opening the door of the car for her to get in. 

We were visiting her sister's and were leaving.  The rest of the family was in the vehicle and my sweetheart had stopped on the porch to say good-bye.  As my sweetie started to walk toward the car I realized it was a great opportunity to she her a simple courtesy.  So I jump out of the car, and walked over toward her door.  My sweetie asked "What's the matter"?  I said nothing, just smiled an opened the door for her.  My sweetheart just beamed. 

I learned a couple of things.  First, its been a lot longer than I thought since I had shown my sweetheart that simple courtesy.  I was a bit surprised when she thought something was wrong, but it has been a while since I opened the door for her.

Second, a small amount of extra effort goes a long way.  It is the small and simple acts of kindness that keep the fire alive.


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