Hidden Messages

We have been remodeling the basement. The previous owners had had a flood in the basement, but had not taken care of it. Turns out there was a bunch of mold starting at the floor and going up to the about three feet on all the drywall. I am having to tear out drywall, and some framing. Fortunately the mold is all taken care of now and the rebuilding has commenced.

As I was admiring our handy work, it occurred to me that we are going to be enjoying and using these wall for many years to come. Its not like the walls are going anywhere and we have no plans to move. In the future we can share and remember this time. The memories made all the more precious by the hard work it took to make it all happen.

We are going to make it a bit more romantic by adding a time capsule somewhere into the walls. Included will be a love note from each of us. That way when we see that section of the wall, we will be reminded of our love for each other. Nobody will every see or read them once the wall is sealed, but we will know they are there.


Anonymous said…
the time capsule idea is great!!! we've never done anything like that before. maybe we should since our kids are still little. it would be nice to see what they were like later on in life.

hey: we have been having problems with this fruit fly colony in the kitchen. it's getting worse evryday. i think that they are comming from the sink. i've been killing myself keeping it super clean, no dirty dishes at all. counters are spotless. and yet they keep comming back. i tried bleach and drano down the drain and it only works for about one night, then they come back... any ideas???? my hubby is out of ideas and the ones on the net aren't working. the funnel in a cup with juice doesn't work either, just an old wives tale as far as i'm concerned....
Al said…
very cool! I was too lazy to do a time capsule when I put up dry wall, but I did write our names on the inside

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