Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pay your sweetie a compliment

Pay your sweetie a compliment , just make sure it is a sincere one. Think of some physical feature you are attracted to, some talent they possess, or some other aspect of your sweetie that is really wonderful.

Now, instead of telling the compliment, write the compliment down and send it to your sweetheart via snail-mail. People of feel the need to argue with a compliment to keep from appearing arrogant. You can't argue with the written word. Also, it make the compliment seem more sincere as it has a physical incarnation. Talk is cheap.

Or you could just post it in our blog:
Sweetie, you have the most beautiful eyes. Our kids are so lucky to have inherited them from you.

For a funny compliment, see Surrealist Compliments For All


Pixie said...

ahhhh thankyou! you inspired me to pay my husband all the compliments that i never get around to paying him :)

Doris said...

I bloged about my sweety yesteraday on my MSN blog :-)

Anonymous said...

ur right. compliments are always the best, for both the giver and receiver.