The first 250 posts

I started this project back in September of 2004. Now, a year and a half have passed and there have been 250 entries posted. Most of the more than 250 entries were written by myself, a few were contributed by others and a couple were some things just floating about the Internet. Its been a lot of fun for my sweetie and I to try out new ideas and to find new ways to keep our marriage exciting.

In honor of the first 250 posts, here are some of my favorites.

Ambush Getaway

The very first one. A great idea for arranging a get away for your sweetie and whisking them off.

Holding Hands Improved

There is no simpler way to express love and to hold hands. Its a great way to send your sweetie a secret "I love you".

25 Days of Thanksgiving

Gratitude is most important in any relationship. That goes doubly so for a marriage. This post is an excellent great way to let your sweetheart know how much you appreciate them, at least at Thanksgiving time.

The Danger of a Grand Gesture

Often we want to show our sweetheart how much you love them. Just be careful to not go overboard. A gift of thought and time is more meaningful than just throwing a lot on money around.

Scriptures on Marriage: Ephesians 5

The Bible has a lot to say about marriage, husbands and wives. These few verses contain a lot of food for thought.

Romance and Children

Kids don't mean the end of romance. Instead, they can be helpers in your little surprises.

Date Idea: A Long Lunch

Dating is as important after marriage as it was before. The problem is finding time. One way to find time is to arrange to have lunch together.

Sweetie Appreciation Week

Declare a week to show how much you appreciate your sweetie and do something special everyday.

That will do for now. There are lots of other great ideas in the archives. Even more are still to come.


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