Date Idea: Season Tickets

Normally, my date ideas are for cheap, or at least inexpensive dates. Dating is something a couple should do often and on a budget. If dating costs a lot of money, it can't be done very often. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to date on a budget.

Season tickets to either sporting or cultural events can also be a great way for a couple to have some fun dates through out the year. There are several advantages to season tickets.

First, it "forces" you to plan for a date. The money has been spent and you are committed. If you do not go, then the money will have been wasted and no one wants to waste money. By having something planned and paid for well in advance it is easier to work the date into a busy schedule.

Next, it makes for a fun gift that keeps giving. My sweetie and I have reached the point in out lives where we do not need any more "stuff". Finding Christmas and birthday gifts for each other often becomes a problem. This year we decided to take the money we would have spent on each other, pooled it together and got season tickets to the local community theater. It is something we will use and enjoy but won't be just more stuff.

Also, buying season tickets is an effective way of supporting your team or the arts. As I mentioned before, we have a community theater that we enjoy attending. It is not uncommon for people we know to perform in the plays and other productions. By buying season tickets, we are supporting the theater program and helping it to continue in the future.

Last, season tickets are usually cheaper than buying individual tickets. The per ticket price is often quite a bit lower then the regular price. The problem is you have to come up with the money all at once. But a little planning ahead and saving should take care of that.

Season tickets, while expensive initially, allow you to have several dates already planned and paid for through out the season or the year.


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