Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Extreme Regifting

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We all know what regifting is. Regifting is taking a gift that you received and then giving that same gift to someone else. This can be thoughtful or just plain cheap. Whether they admit it or not, most people practice regifting in some form or another.

During the Christmas season we receive a lot of yummy, home baked and store bought goodies. Very few of these goodies are good for you but they sure taste good and are fun to get. We will "regift" the goodies by sharing them with people at work or family we visit. That way everyone can enjoy. I wonder why they are called goodies if they are not good for you.

A friend of mine received an interesting regift. It was a gift certificate to a chocolate shop. The thing was the recipient name had been whited-out and had had a new name written in. The whiting out had happened multiple times. Can you use the gift certificate or should you, like a chain letter, keep the regifting chain alive?

With an understanding of regifting, what is extreme regifting?.

Extreme regifting: The act of giving a gift to the original giver.

That's right. This year I am giving my wife the same thing she gave me for Valentine's Day a few years ago. Over the years we have given each other various Valentine's Day gifts. Some of these include things like stuffed animals, a heart-shaped piece of clear plastic with a poem and a rose in it, a balloon that played a love song when you tapped it and even a bug that danced around and sang "You're the one that I want" when hit just right. None of these gifts are really that useful, but they are a lot of fun all the same.

I am going to take one of these gifts that she gave me and I am going to wrap it up and give it to her for Valentine's Day. With it will be a note of how much fun it was for me to receive the gift and that I hope she enjoys receiving it as much as I have enjoyed both receiving and giving it. It will make her laugh. We might even make a tradition of it.

Don't be afraid to practice the art of extreme regifting with your sweetheart. Part of the trick is to make the gift new again either by adding a note about the gift or by making the gift part of a larger set. For example, if you are giving your sweetie a necklace, regift a teddy bear and attach the necklace to the bear.

Extreme regifting: It's what all the romantic couples will be doing this year.


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