Cut a Rug

When was the last time you danced with your sweetie? If you are like
most couples, you can't remember that far back. Tonight, clear a spot
and find some music of varying tempos. It is as important to have
some up-tempo music as well as the "bear hug" music. Then, spend a few
minutes dancing with your sweetheart.

Dancing is great for your both your hearts - the physical one and the
romantic one. For the physical heart, it is a wonderful aerobic
activity that will get your heart rate up. It burns lots of calories
and gets those endorphins going to make you feel good.

But don't forget the romantic heart. By the end of just a couple of
dances you both will be smiling, laughing and really enjoy being with
each other. Not only that, there is a lot of touching: hugs, holding
hands, the "bump" and so on. No better recipe for romance was ever

What about the kids? Unless you have teenage sons, they will be
jumping right in. Kids know a good time when they see it. You may
have daughters standing on your feet or a son "dancing" without his
even touching the ground. Its a great family "bonding" experience.

You say, "I am so self-conscious of my dancing". The best way to
overcome that it to make a game of it. There are no set rules for
dancing. Dancing only requires a willingness to try. Make up your own
dances based on everyday stuff: the lawnmower, the dishwasher, etc.
Just be sure to laugh at yourself.


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