What better tradition is there than being expected to kiss your
sweetie for no other reason than just standing in the right spot? If
you don't have any mistletoe hung up, go get some soon. Christmas is
almost here and you don't want to miss out. Be sure to put it
somewhere where you will often be together. Even better, get two, one
for the bedroom and one for the kitchen (or wherever you often meet

Now to the good part, the kissing. What sort of kiss should you do
under the mistletoe? As many sorts as you can think of. One time
give her a peck on the cheek. Next time, give her a toe-curling
whopper. Be sure to mix it up with kisses to her cheeks, lips, nose,
hands, neck, etc. Whatever you do, do not become predictable. Keep
her guessing how she is going to be kissed next. Spice up your
repertory by throwing butterfly kisses and Eskimo kisses into the mix
for a greater variety of surprises.

Also, add various other aspects to the kiss. Perform one kiss while
holding hands. Do another in a full bear hug. Try giving her a
love-pat or not touching her at all. Sometimes whisper a sweet
nothing in her ear or sneak a love note into her hand or pocket. Take
your time and linger sometimes. Other times, make it quick, almost an

Most important: Always smile. Let her see in your countenance how you
much you enjoy kissing her.

What about the kids? It is good for kids to both be kissed and to see
their parents kissing. For example, our youngest has a good friend
whose parents got a divorce. It has been surprising how much my child
has been affected by their divorce and how she worries about my wife
and I getting a divorce. With so many marriages dissolving before
your children's eyes, your kids need to have confidence in the
stability of your family. Give them that confidence by letting them
see you kiss and otherwise flirt with your sweetie. It really helps
them to feel more confident in themselves when they can feel secure
about the stability of their family.

Bonus: One time you will give her a peck on the cheek and she will
grab you and give you a fireworks kiss. Congratulation!! You did it


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