Sharing a secret

Admit it, there are some "secrets" that you share with your sweetie.
Not the "dirty laundry" kind of secrets, but the fun secrets that no
one knows about. Things like that one song that is "your song" or
that little restaurant that no one knows about but has a great Italian
food and the accordion player on Friday nights. The secret
discoveries that couples share over the years are what these shared
secrets are all about.

One fun shared secret can be a movie. It needs to be a movie that is
not the most popular movie du jour. It needs to be a movie that no
one knows about, or its not a secret. It can be a fun independent
movie that you see at some film festival. Also, DVDs can make for
some "shared secret" movies. Just be adventuresome and try a movie
you have not seen before. Romantic comedies are often the best for a
couple who want to enjoy watching a movie and being together.

If you want a suggestion, let me recommend "Our Hospitality" starring Buster Keaton. Its an old silent romantic comedy with two feuding families. Of course, the son of one family falls for the daughter of the other, not realizing they are mortal enemies. I'm not going to say anymore except that it is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. The humor includes the broad physical comedy Buster Keaton is famous for, the standard young couple overcoming adversity and a very cleaver play of feuding and hospitality. But the train scene brought tears to my eyes.

When discovering a new "shared secret" be sure to set the mood. Take
the time to make some movie popcorn and have everything proper for
some good movie watching while snuggling. Having a shared secret is
as much about how you felt while discovering the shared secret as what you were discovering.


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