Mother's Day

Mother's Day, they say, is a made up holiday. Just an excuse for the flower companies and greeting card companies to make money during an off season of the year. Well, we here Ferocious Flirting feel that made up holidays are just fine. Particularly holidays dedicated to how much we love and appreciate our sweethearts.

My mother is not perfect, although just about. She was the perfectest mother I ever had. She protected me, even when I didn't think I needed protection. She tried to guide my chosen career in life, but for the life of me I can't figure out why she wanted me to be a physicist. Maybe I'll ask her later today. However, she did not stand in the way of me becoming a professional geek ( software engineer). Mother tried to make sure I married the "right" girl and when I found my own right girl to marry, she loved her too.

My wife is perfect for me. As I watch her sacrifice herself for her children, I finally understand what my own mother sacrificed for my and my siblings. The worries and the pain of watching kids commit follies and suffering the consequences. The joy of sharing in the little triumphs: kicking a goal, scoring a hundred on a test, making the orchestra, or drawing a beautiful horse.

My sweetheart is one of those people who can doing anything exceptional well. When she decides to do something, not only does it get done, it gets done superbly. She is also amply blessed with so many talents. She sings, dances, plays flute, draws, sews, teaches. When ever she asks me to do some task around the house, its not because she can't do it better than I can, because she can.

Mom, I love and appreciate all that you have done for me and my family.

Sweetie, thanks for blessing my life by sharing your life with me. I love you.


Anonymous said…
Enjoyed your comments. Everybody should love their mommies as much as you.

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