Recorded Message

As discussed previously, a personalized message means so much more than just saying it. Hand written notes mean more than email. Why? Its the difference between a work of art and a product off the assembly line. The work of art is one of a kind. It is unique and there will never be another one like it. Same with your hand written note. Same with your sweetie.

My sweetheart and I came across some audio tapes we had. One I had recorded and one was sent to my sweetie. The family had so much fun listening to them. It had been a lot of years and we had forgotten what was even on them.

Why not make an audio tape or CD for your sweetie? Rather than trying to sit down and recording a whole hour, record it in little sound bites over 2 or 3 weeks. Include on it funny things that have happened, things your sweetie has done that you appreciated, little things you are planning on doing, and how much you love your sweetheart. Once it is done, wrap it up and give it to your sweetie.


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