To Teach, To Learn

I received feedback about one couple who had enjoyed time working on the car together. Every person has things they are good at and are knowledge about. Likewise, every person has things they do not understand and really do not do very well.

There is something about teaching that makes one feel good. Its fun to watch as another person learns and grows. Learning is just as fun. Finding out you really can do what you thought you could not do or were even afraid to try. Both the teacher and the student grow from the experience.

Think about yourself and your sweetie. What are some things that your sweetie could teach you? Schedule a date and ask your sweetie to help you learn.
  • Simple auto maintenance
  • Cooking your favorite meal
  • Chess
  • Golf
A note on being teachable. As adults we are used to being able to do stuff well. It can be a really ego-struggle to admit that there are some things we are not good at and allow ourselves to be taught. You need to leave your ego at the door and really try to learn.

Note to teachers: Keep the above note in mind. Of course it would be easier to complete the task yourself. Be patient.


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