Holding Hands Improved

What is nicer than holding hands? You can do it almost anywhere, at
anytime, while doing most any activity. You can hold hands while
walking, waiting, watching, and any time you want to let your sweetie
know you are there. If you haven't held hands for a while, try it.

However, even the simple act of holding hands can be improved upon.
Next time you are holding hands with your sweetie, give them 3 small
squeezes. When they look at you, do it again, but this time say "I"
with the first squeeze, "love" with the second, and "you" with the
third. Now you have a way to tell your sweetheart that you love them
whenever you want, even when you can't talk. A private, secret
message you can send whenever you want to or your sweetie needs it.

Thanks sweetie


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