Season to Fall In Love

What a great time of year autumn is. The weather has cooled off and
in many parts of the country the trees are doing a slow motion
fireworks display. Here in our neck of the woods there are several
"scenic loops" that are famous for the fall colors. I took off early
from work and took the wife on one of the scenic loops. The fall
colors were amazing against the deep green of the evergreens. We even
spotted a couple of moose near the top. It will be one of those times
we will remember and talk about for quite many years.

Be sure and bring a camera and get some pictures of each other in the
fall beauty. Take some time to get out of the car and walk among the
trees and the leaves. The smell of the cool air, the colors of the
trees, the crunch of the leaves underfoot, and the feel of holding
hands make these moments a feast for the senses.


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