Read the Good Book

One aspect of a marriage that is often overlooked is the spiritual
aspect of the relationship. With the pressing demands of the both the
physical and the emotional needs, the spiritual needs of a couple can
be overlooked or dismissed altogether. There is always so many
things that need doing. Then what little time is left is usually
dedicated to meeting emotional needs.

Take time to add a spiritual component to your life and your
relationship. A great way to do this is to read from the scriptures
together. For those who already have some religion or belief, take
some time to study your holy books together as a couple. By
fulfilling the spiritual needs, you can add a new dimension to your
relationship that you did not know you were missing.

Even if you do not consider any writing be "The Word of God", your
relationship can still benefit. Just pick one of the standard
religious texts, be it the Bible, Koran, or some Eastern text. By
studying it together you will learn more about yourself and each


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