Getting the bugs out of your marriage: Spouse Modificosis


Obsession with remaking your spouse.


- You feel uncomfortable with your spouse's appearance, habits or personality
- You have a tendency to point out your spouse's faults
- You have not sincerely complimented your spouse recently (24-48 hours)
- You have a tendency to avoid introducing your spouse to friends


- Increasing desire to make biting comments to and about your spouse
- As a result of your discomfort with your spouse, you spend less time together (see Companion Minusus)


- Privately determine why your spouse's are causing you irritation. NOTE: Do not be too critical of your spouse's faults ... it may have ben those very faults that prevented him or her from getting a better mate
- Consider how you behavior could be modified to bring out the best in your partner
- Discuss you problem with your spouse, evenly applying love and support
- Mix well with suggestions on how you can work together to become your "best selves"
- Exercise patience, acceptance and understanding


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