Getting the bugs out of your marriage: LackoAffectionitis

Lack of affection between you and your spouse


- You must always have a special occasion to give your spouse a gift
- You have not sincerely said "I Love You" in at least 24 hours
- You seldom kiss your spouse "Hello" or "Goodbye" in public or private
- There is a decreasing use of verbal endearments between you and your spouse
- You seldom hold your spouse's hand or display any similar physical affection in public


- You have never been "caught" kissing your spouse by your children
- You consider romance unrealistic


- Make one phone call per day to your spouse "just to talk"
- Experience one date per week
- Evenly apply verbal endearments and physical affection
- Exercise continuous use of the words "I Love You"
- Plan to spend more meaningful moments together (see: Companion Minusis)


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