Getting the bugs out of your marriage: Companion Minusis

Deficiency in time spent with your spouse.


- You are usually too busy to sit down and talk with your spouse
- You are not aware of the current interests of your spouse
- The two of you have not gone out of a "date" in at least a month
- You are only together when you are with children family or friends
- You only participate together in activities which involve family management and/or problems.


- You and your spouse have not have 1/2 hour of uninterrupted companionship in two weeks.
- You have not seen your spouse during waking hours in over a week.


- Conduct one planning session per week with your spouse to systematically schedule the time you will spend together
- Schedule at least one date per week ... NO CHILDREN ALLOWED


Anonymous said…
My husband told another woman that
at this stage of our marriage, we
are companions. Should this hurt?
Does this mean the end of this
I consider my wife to be my companion, my friend, my lover, my confidant. I do not think that being a companion is all that bad. It certainly is not the end of the marriage.

It sounds like your marriage could use some spark. If so, do as the divorce bug recommends and start that fire burning again.
Anonymous said…
Almost every weekend this summer we've been hanging out with another couple and when i told my husband that i wanted one weekend to hang out with him alone, he flipped out on me. He took it as if I did not appreciate the time we spent with the other couple. I did have fun, but i feel we need to reconnect again as a couple with out having another couple around. Am i wrong
Spending a weekend alone together can be a great idea. My wife and I have done so numerous time throughout our marriage. Spending time with other couples is also fun.

Plan your weekend around something your husband enjoys doing. What is he into but does not get to do very often? Plan a weekend doing that.

Some things to leave out of the weekend plans:
* The "honey-do" list.
* Complaints
* Insecurity

Good luck.

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