Burma Shave Signs

Have you ever heard of Burma Shave? They sold shaving cream from the 20s to the 60s, which is not very interesting in itself. Lots of companies sell shaving cream. What made Burma Shave different was its advertising. Even today, 40 years after the last ad, people still know Burma Shave ads.

A Burma Shave ad consisted of a 4 line verse like:
Each line of the verse was placed on a large poster and staked into the ground along the road. As a driver was driving down the road, they would read one line. Then a short while later, the next sign, then the next and finally the last. There was then a fifth sign with the Burma Shave logo. The first sign got your attention but then you had to wait for the whole verse.

What has this got to do with romance? Anticipation. We all love a sense of anticipation. Create the anticipation with a small verse of your own. Write 4 lines of love and gratitude to your sweetie. Place each line on a poster. Then create a last poster that says "[sweetie's name, I love you, [your name]".

You can either mount the posters on the drive up to your house where your sweetheart will see them on the way home or you can mount them throughout the house, starting at the door where your sweetie will enter the house.

This can be used on a special day, like a birthday or as a just because "I Love You" and wanted you to know it.

You can search Google for more Burma Shave info.


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