To Praise the Parent, Praise the Child

Once after my first child had gone to the doctor for a healthy baby check, my mom asked, "Did the doctor tell you how cute your kid is?". She then told me that she would never take her child to a doctor who did not compliment her baby. Of course, she was just joking with the proud new father. But little conversation has stuck with me because my mom ended up teaching me an important lesson.

As parents, we are highly invested in our kids. Their successes are our success and their failures are our failures. It's natural that parents feel that way because we sacrifice so much for their training and up bringing. When someone compliments the child, they are also complimenting the parent for doing such a good job in raising the child.

Today's tip, then, is to compliment you children. Compliment them sincerely for things they do well. Also, compliment them in ways that reflect well on your sweetie. Each of us see certain aspects of ourselves in our kids. Compliment your child on those things.


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