Gifts with meaning

Turn a simple gift into a more meaningful and memorable gift experience. Instead of getting a single gift, get several smaller gifts. Make the gifts things that your sweetie real could use. Often, the gifts we need aren't that romantic. To give the gift a romantic touch, include a small note with the gift. For example, if the gift is long johns then the note might say "Because your smile gives me the warm-fuzzies". I think you have the idea.

Now wrap each small gift individually with the accompanying note, then place all the wrapped small gifts into a larger box and wrap it. By putting a little effort and creativity into your gifts, you can turn a mundane item into a romantic experience for both of you.

To involve the children, have each kid contribute a gift and a note into the box. They will love to watch as the gifts are opened and appreciated. If one or more of the gifts your sweetie is getting are not "kid appropriate", create two boxes. One will have the stuff the kids included and can be opened wioth the while family. The other box can include the other, more personal gifts to be opened in private.


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