Valentine's Anti-Gift

I got my wife an early Valentine's present. It was a solid milk chocolate fish with packaging that looks like its ready to to be mounted on the wall. The name of the candy is "You're a keeper". She laughed and then went to show off the present to her friends, who also laughed. My kids thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Although I didn't buy it, at the mall I saw a chocolate nose on a stick that said something like "If I hadn't PICKED you, nobody KNOWS what I would have done!". Having already given her a fish, I thought a nose might be too much.

Valentine's tends to be a serious holiday with lots of romantic and pricy shows of affection. So a good gag gift is unexpected and is therefore more effective. Your sweetie will appreciate a good laugh, along with whatever romantic ideas you have.

I will pass along to you my wife's advice to me, through the laughter: This had better not be my whole valentines!


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