Date Idea: Watching the Sunset

Spring is blooming, what a wonderful time of year. I should write an Ode to Spring but there are lots of them and those better than my attempts at poetry. I digress.

Spring is a great time for you and your sweetie to watch the sunset together. The sun goes down late enough to get home from work and still have enough time to prepare. But it goes down early enough to not make a too late of an evening. There is still a hint of chill in the air to make snuggling very pleasant.

Instructions for watching the sunset:
* Find out when sunset is going to be.
* Find a suitable location. Some ideas might be up on a hill with a good view to the west or over some body of water. Its not that important.
* Bring a some treats like chocolate or cookies and milk. Something small and portable. Maybe a picnic dinner.
* Bring a blanket to sit and snuggle on
* Plan to arrive and have everything ready 15 minutes before the grand event.
* Sit, eat, talk, snuggle and enjoy the show!


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