Turn Off the Television and Step Away From the Remote

Have you ever met someone who dominated every conversation? Do you know a person who has the gift of being able to talk for extended periods of time without taking a breath? How do you feel after trying to hold a conversation with a person who keeps changing the subject? What about one who interrupts other people's conversations? It can be a very frustrating experience trying to talk to a person who doesn't listen and won't allow other people to converse without interjecting.

Surprisingly, most of us invite such a one into our home everyday. Who is it? It is the television of course. The television talks non-stop all day long, is great at capturing one's attention and refuses to listen to anything anyone says to it.

Many times my sweetie and I will be talking and one of us will be distracted by the television. At that point a couple of things happen. If it was the person speaking, they will lose their train of thought and become frustrated. If the listener is distracted, the speaker feels bad that watching the television is more important than listening to your sweetie.

Today's tip is to not have the TV on so much. Turn it off, especially when your sweetheart is trying to speak with you, and you will enjoy the conversation much more. Don't make a big show of turning off the television because then your sweetie might feel like they are intruding. Even better, leave it off when you are expecting your sweetheart so you can give them your undivided attention.

The kids are much more cooperative when the TV goes off. Its almost like a switch is thrown in their brains. Its an amazing thing to watch.

Communication is the life blood of a relationship. Anything that hampers the flow of communication dampens the relationship.


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